Fellow CasinoCoin Community members,

First of all I would like to thank everyone for participating in the NASCAR fundraiser the last months. We’ve all put a lot of effort in to this and we we’re aiming for some good races at the NASCAR tracks.

Due to price decreases the last few weeks there were some concerns from the TriSports Team, in which driver Corey LaJoie is under contract with. The management raised their concerns over the current price of CSC and demanded a raise of 30 million CSC at first. We’ve discussed several options but none fitted their needs.

Two days ago there was a hard demand of double the amount of CSC for both races, which means 240 million CSC instead of the initial 120 million CSC which we agreed upon. We declined their demand respectfully. So as of now the deal with TriSports Team is unfortunately canceled.

We return everyone their donations, all funds will be send back to address they came from. We are aiming for all donations to be returned in the coming 30 days.

The Community Fundraiser address: cJiGqCpb6uuMrwgp55WS9m9BYoE6QBNazX


For further information on this community fundraiser please send an email to

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